Read Logs From Service

You are able to read anything that your service writes to stdout (for example using the python logging package or print) from outside the service. The logs are streamed to the Manager dashboard and can be read with the CLI:

>>> daeploy logs my_service 

To stream the logs to the CLI:

>>> daeploy logs --follow  my_service  

Options for Reading the Logs Using the CLI

There are a few options that can be passed to the logs command to make reading the logs a bit more pleasant.

  • -n , --tail: Return the latest n logs [default: 50]

  • -f, --follow: If the logs should be followed [default: False]

  • -d, --date: Show logs since given datetime.


daeploy logs is compatible with grep so to filter on logs containing WARNING one can run the following:

>>> daeploy logs my_service --follow | grep WARNING 

Or if using powershell on windows:

>>> daeploy logs my_service --follow | findstr WARNING